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out of Hours service

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At Maharishi Out of School Club our aim is to provide quality play opportunities which are flexible and affordable and meet the needs of all the children.

We offer a safe, warm, and stimulating environment in which the needs of children and their families may be met in a sensitive and professional manner.

In line with the school’s ethos we work hard to make our out of school club a wonderful place to be, and it is able to innovate and be creative in the way it operates.

We offer a wide range of adult-led and child-led activities and resources that follow the seasons and various celebrations throughout the year. We have a selection of resources that include: board games, construction, jigsaws, table top games, physical play and sport, reading and role play, dressing up, and craft. In addition, the children have regular access to the outdoor areas, playground, trim trail and the eco-garden.

We provide healthy snacks including wholemeal toast/bread and jam or honey. Fresh drinking water is always available. We meet individual dietary needs and parental preferences wherever possible. We recognise the importance of healthy nutrition delivered in a calm, friendly setting where food is eaten whilst sitting at the snack table.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club.

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